Tiffany Chin's

Professional Information Page

Tiffany is represented by MARCO Entertainment. Please direct all professional inquiries to:
          Michael A. Rosenberg

          MARCO Entertainment

          73271 Riata Trail

          Palm Desert, CA  92260

          Phone:  (619) 776-5500

          Fax:    (619) 776-5575
Tiffany occasionally has room in her schedule for promising new students. Interested parties may contact her through the Easy Street Arena:
          Terry Tonius, Skating School Director

          Easy Street Arena

          131 West Easy Street

          Simi Valley, CA 93065

          (805) 520-7465
Tiffany receives fan mail through the USFSA. Please send all fan correspondance to:
          Tiffany Chin

          c/o United States Figure Skating Association

          20 First Street

          Colorado Springs, CO  80906

          Voice: (719) 635-5200

          Fax:   (719) 635-9548

Tiffany apologizes that she is unable to respond to most requests for autographs or pictures. Due to the large quantity of mail she receives, if she responded to all her mail, she'd have no time to skate! But she enjoys reading your letters, and she is thankful for your support.

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