Configuring a Power Mac 6100 From Scratch

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This page is for people who have just acquired a 6100 and have no operating system, no clue about how to set up a Mac, or both!


Suppose you've just salvaged an old 6100 from some garage sale or office liquidation. You have no operating system and no applications, and you can't download them until you have an operating system and some Internet applications. Catch-22!

If you have another, functional Mac, and an Internet connection, you can use that Mac to get what you need. If you don't have both of the above, PayPal me a buck and I'll send you a bootable CD that I've burned containing all the software that's described on this page. It's all free anyway, so I'm not pirating anything; I'm just saving people some time.

If all you need is a basic operating system, a basic browser and email, then you can download everything you need for free. Read on:

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The Mac OS:

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Last updated: 6/1/00

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