Flame Bait!

Support this page! So hey. What's up with super-advocate RocketMan seemingly dissing the Mac? Well here's MHO. While I clearly prefer the Macintosh platform on an overall basis, I'm not such a knee-jerk advocate that I miss for trees for the forest [sic].

The Mac OS in its current state is a compromise, and Windows beats it on several measures:

But all that said, I still prefer my Mac. Why? It feels better. More intuitive. Less frustrating. The devil is in the details, and Microsoft doesn't quite have it there on the UI or in the usability. The little gremlins, bugs and quirks in Windows make it a constant frustration to use, even if it is marginally faster. The slower mechanical performance of my Mac is more than compensated for by my personal productivity, creativity and spontaneity when using my Mac to get work done.

It would be great if I had the Mac UI without compromising on the speed and resource requirements. With OS X, it looks like I'll be able to :)

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Last updated: 5/11/99

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